Bintang Ria's commitment is to provide quality products in Brunei Darussalam. Since year 2000, Bintang Ria has been a distributor in Brunei which includes sourcing, marketing, sales distribution and after-sales services to our business partners. Our extension network of business partners covers various types of retail outlets such as hypermarkets, supermarkets, emporiums, minimarts, restaurants, sundry shops, Chinese medical halls and pharmacies.

Due to our growth and expansion, we have made a move in year 2008 by investing in Six (6) units of Industrial lots for office and warehousing with built up area of 18,000 sq feet to improve our competitive efficiencies and set out the standards we expect from our employees.

We are constantly striving to enhance people’s health, hygiene and wellbeing through our brands that we carry such as Kara, Carina, Gold Choice, Pro Dental B, Kapal Api, Buruh, Knife, Star King, Flavettes, Eye Glo, Antabax, Labour, Zip, Mayasi, Drinho, Take One Baby Bites, Pawada, Wetty, Buttercup and etc which have become our trusted household names and enjoyed by the new generation.

As we grow with the nation, we value the trust that Bruneians have in us and we will continue to deliver our expertise and strengthen that bond by bringing you and your love ones as our promise of Good Product and Great life.